Since 1986 Hi-Low Custom Hydraulics has been the leader in the lowrider industry by innovating hydraulic equipment, installations, suspension modification and supplying top quality hydraulic products in lowriders today.  Armando Nunez AKA ''MANDO'' started out installing salvage hydraulics into his own mini trucks and soon after his cars. Mando is one of the early pioneers in the Mini-truck explosion in the early 80s. Mando Originally opened in 1986 "Mando's Lifts" In East of Los Angeles California. Armando is one of the original members of  Desirable Ones mini truck club. club is well known for insane bed dancers and clean custom mini trucks. Mando's Bed dancers pick up a hand full of First Place Wins for bed dance in the mini truck era. Armando Nunez is a LRM Hall Of Fame 1988. Desirable Ones Club was featured in LRM, Los Angeles Times and more. 

In 1992 Mando's lifts became Hi-Low Custom Hydraulics located in Gardena, California. With a high demand Armando started manufacturing his line of hydraulic parts. Soon enough Mando found him self running a One-Stop-Shop with 30 employees. Hi-Low Customs did it all! from Upholstery, full fabrication, custom paints, hydraulics, and even stereos, It was the shop.

Hi-Low Custom Hydraulics are truly known as innovators in lowrider installation, equipment and suspension modification that are still used today. Hi-Low in the early 90s innovated the pump heads/gears these gears were a real game-changer, with the right engineering took the hop game to new heights. They are still use today. Armando was also apart of the early LRM Hydraulic Rules Committee of judges, If he did not have enough on his plate already.

Armando formed ''Team Hi-Low'' in the mid 90s with some of the top hydraulic builders recruited,some familiar names on the team Dave Marquez, Brett Kopitz, Luis Montellano, Bob Hollywood, Juan Chavoya, Arty Avila and many more. These fellas were the best of the best. Team traveled all around the nation competing in the hydraulic competitions in car hopping, car dance, truck hop, bed dance, They were truly a force to be reckoned with. Breaking World Records and Winning several Championships. 

Mando has built some of the most iconic lowriders/car dancers  and hoppers. ''Chingon'' 1964 Chevy Impala this was a car dancer/show car "El Matador", "Mr Bounce", "Picoso 63' "Endless Heart", "Wild Pony" these vehicles. Hi-Low built cars graced front covers magazines like LRM, Street Customs, Blvd Magazine and more. 
Mando was featured in the hit show ''Ripleys's Believe It Or Not'' for the highest  hydraulic bunny hop. Armando is deemed and recognized as a premier hydraulic builder. Mando also had a cameo on Cypress Hill Lowrider'' video, The Streets Video, hi-low cars used on TV commercials, and movies.
In 2004 Armando, Moved the company to El Paso, TX. Armando continued competing in the Car Hop and retired with a Win in 2012 . Hi-Low has stood the test of time. We strive to continue providing top quality hydraulic equipment and accessories. Armando Nunez was Awarded The Legends Award at the 2019 Arizona Lowrider Super Show. Armando Nunez was also recognized at the Torres Empire Lowrider Show in Los Angeles, Ca for Outstanding Achievement In The Lowrider Community. Now moving into 2020 the hydraulic and custom scene has been steadily picking up and we are looking forward to the future and growing along with the industry. We believe in our products as well as trying to achieve the highest level of customer service.

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                    Desirable Ones, Mini truck Club 1986
              Hi-Low Custom Hydraulics Shop, Gardena,California
 Hi-Low Custom Hydraulics fleet of our Iconic Hoppers, Car Dancer